About Us

The Aims of the Chamber

The Council believes that Singapore should be viewed not only as a primary destination for business activity but also as a hub for South East Asia and other Asian countries in the region.

By the same token, the Council believes that Perth, Western Australia should be regarded not only as a business destination in itself but also as a gateway to the rest of Australia.

The principal object of the Chamber is to foster trade and investment flows between the hub that is Singapore and the gateway that is Western Australia.  This is done by facilitating the creation of relationships, processes and structures as well as networks and organisations, all of whom intend to or are already doing business along the axis of business activity between Singapore and Western Australia.

A Short History

The Singapore Chamber of Commerce (Western Australia) came into existence on 28 January 2012, in the Year of the Dragon and was incorporated on 9th August 2012 (Singapore’s National Day).

The birth of the Chamber coincided with the Western Australian State Government’s plans to open a Trade & Investment Office in the Republic of Singapore that occurred on 15 March 2012, and was launched by the Government of Western Australia.

The Chamber was created by some prominent members of the Singapore-WA Network (SWAN) with the kind of support of the WA State Government and the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of WA.

Singapore is Australia’s largest trade and investment partner in ASEAN and Australia’s 6th largest trading partner overall.  The Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement came into force in 2003 strengthens an already strong bilateral economic relationship.

Australia ranked 8th amongst Singapore’s principal merchandise export destinations and 17th among its principal merchandise import source countries in 2009.  In 2010, Australian merchandise exports to Singapore amounted to $4.8 billion and imports from Singapore into Australia amounted to $10.7 billion.  Australian exports to Singapore of services were valued at $2.6 billion and imports from Singapore at $3.5 billion in 2010.

Singapore is the 5th largest source of investment funds in Australia at $43.8 billion whilst Australia’s investments in Singapore amounted to some $25.1 billion in 2010.  There are also over 1,300 Australian companies operating in Singapore.

It is no surprise that because of such statistics, the Singapore Chamber of Commerce attracts substantial interest from SMEs and large businesses alike within Western Australia and Singapore.