Upcoming SCCWA Activities

  • Thu
    4:00 pmPlease email info@sccwa.org.au for Location

    This invitation only event is an opportunity to hear from experienced Australian-based ASX advisors as they discuss the processes for Singaporean based growth companies considering seeking a listing on ASX.

    3.45pm Registration & refreshments
    4.00pm Welcome address
    - Mr S. Sivanesan, Corporate Senior Partner, Dentons Rodyk
    4.05pm Opening remarks
    - Moderator, Mr Roger Steinepreis, Chairman of Partners, Steinepreis Paganin, Foundation
    Member of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce (Western Australia)
    4.10pm Listing in Australia, the Singapore side
    - Mr Hsu Li Chuan, Corporate Partner, Dentons Rodyk
    4.20pm Listing on ASX – the ASX Perspective
    - Mr James Rowe, State Manager, ASX Perth
    4.35pm Disclosures required for an IPO on ASX
    - Mr Toby Hicks, Partner, Steinepreis Paganin
    4.50pm Capital Raising in Australia for an IPO
    - Mr Davide Bosio, Managing Director, DJ Carmichael
    5.05pm Q & A
    5.35pm Closing remarks and refreshments
    - Mr Eugene Lim, CEO, Singapore Chamber of Commerce (Western Australia)
    6.00pm Close
    Participants interested in one to one meetings with the speakers on 24th February 2017, morning only, should register their expressions of interest before, during or immediately after the seminar


If you wish to find out more information about our events, please send an email to info@sccwa.org.au